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In January of 2014, we launched our residency program, which ran for a little over 6 years in New York state, hosting over 400 artists, researchers, and toolmakers from all over the US and close to 30 countries! Artwork by our residents has been shown in museums, galleries, and festivals around the world. Machines have been built, books and articles written, exhibitions curated, and, most importantly, so many wonderful relationships have been built through our residency program! In addition to all that, we’ve become a 501c3 nonprofit, curated exhibitions, produced 2 Signal Culture Cookbooks, done some great interviews, created realtime experimental media apps, and we’re just getting started!


We are in the process of building new studios in Loveland, Colorado and anticipate the return of the residency by early 2023 (or sooner). Our new studios will be at Artworks Center for Contemporary Art, and residents will be hosted at no cost to Signal Culture or the residents at the Bernagozzi's home. We're planning updates for SDI, up conversion, and solid state recording. We hope to be done with setup and testing by winter. We are SO excited to have our residents back!


For 10 years, we ran Signal Culture with only very dedicated volunteers. To ensure our future stability, we have officially hired our first employee, our long-time Executive Director! We have a lot we want to accomplish and hope we'll be able to hire additional staff in the future.


We'll be bringing back what you've loved, and there are many exciting things to come - all focused on serving this community. Please, donate and help us to spread the word!



Curious about donation perks? Here are a few!


  • Signal Culture Modular Apps: a major redesign/reimagining that makes for a more modular, scalable and feature packed system!
  • Signal Culture Cookbooks and Cookbook Bundles
  • Sponsored Artist/Researcher/Toolmaker Residencies


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