Zsolt Gyenes


Born in Hungary, Zsolt Gyenes studied media-education and fine-arts in Budapest and Pécs, Hungary. He is an intermedia artist and art theorist. His artistic practice is concerned with the process of translation and fusion between different forms of media, exploring the creative possibilities of what might be lost or gained through such interpretation and exploring how getting new qualities of art in this way. He has exhibited widely in various international motion images' and art festivals (for example, Punto y Raya – Iceland, Poland,  MuVi editions – Spain, Under the Radar Vienna, Austria, One Minute – Switzerland, Burapha – Thailand, VIVA – Malta, lAbiRynTh – Poland, NRW – Germany, Hungary: Super8, Mediawave, Retina, and Szolnok) and presented one-man shows (Poland, Thailand, Malta, USA, and Hungary). He is an associate professor at Kaposvar University, Hungary. He was the guest lecturer at different universities (Volda, Norway, Burapha, Thailand, Malta Univ., Wroclaw, Poland, Mugla-Bodrum, Turkey, Cracow, Poland, and Pécs, Hungary). He published 7 books. Gyenes gives talks in different international conferences, symposia (Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Malta, Rumania, Austria, and Hungary).


He participated in artist in residence programs in USA (Vermont Studio Center), Italy (Hungarian Academy in Rome), Croatia (Tar) and Thailand (Chonburi).






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