Victoria Keddie


Victoria Keddie is an artist and curator. Her focus surrounds transmission, the performing body, and relationships of space. She has beenCo-Director of E.S.P. TV, a nomadic, live TV studio that hybridizes technologies to realize synthetic environments for performance. Currently she is exploring Rhythmic Movement Disorders through electronic signal composition. In 2016, a specific residency, Unit 11 will be launched using a re-outfitted ENG news van for exploring transmission and geography.


She has performed and exhibited at numerous venues and festivals throughout the US, such as, the New Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design, The Kitchen, Museum of Moving Image, Issue Project Room, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Her work has also been featured internationally in Dublin, Reykjavik, Berlin, London and Naples.  She received her MA from New York University with a focus on the preservation of  time-based media.


Video works distributed by  Lightcone, Paris FR

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