Termite TV - Michael Kuetemeyer


Termite TV Collective was created in 1992 as collective system to encourage and organize media experimentation. A quote from painter and film critic Manny Faber serves as an inspiration for the Termite TV creative process – “Termite-tapeworm-fungus-moss art moves always forward, eating its own boundary and likely as not leaves nothing in its path but the signs of eager, industrious, unkempt behavior.”


Michael Kuetemeyer is leading the artist residency for the collective. The Collective is currently exploring the concept of “Waste” through video, installation and social practice.  For their next project, they will follow up with “Sustainability.” Sustainability is achieved when a system has a balance of inputs and outputs.  Working with the media processing tools at Signal Culture will allow us to experiment with the art and science of media feedback systems. They will use abstraction and filtration to distill aesthetic information from archival, recent and live media.


Other artists who would be participating as part of Termite TV Collective are Alan Powell, Anula Shetty, Deborah Rudman, Laura Deutch and John Pettit.



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