Signal Culture's residencies, exhibitions and resources are made possible by the generous support from:


   - The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

   - mediaThe foundation, inc.

   - Fractured Atlas

   - The Fanny C. Hyde Foundation

   - The Woodman Family Foundation

   - Organizational Development support from the Media

      Arts Technical Assistance Fund of NYSCA Electronic

      Media and Film, administered by Wavefarm.

   - Donations from Visual Studies Workshop, Tioga

     County Council on the Arts, Bob Doyle, Alan Powell,

     Dave Jones, Sherry Miller Hocking, Ralph Hocking,

     Hank Rudolph, Peer Bode, Abbey Hendrickson, Torsten

     Zenas Burns, Mona Jimenez, Eric Souther, Yvonne

     Buchannan, Benton C Bainbridge, Phillip Stearns,

     Nicholas Economos, Critter & Guitarri, Jonathan

     Rothbart, Peter Rothbart & Linda Uhll, David Webber,

     John Knecht, Jason & Debora Bernagozzi, Tali Hinkis &

     Kyle Lapidus, Linda & Ray Brisson, Yvonne

     Buchannon, Walter Wright, Charles Woodman, Sara

     Hornbacher, China Blue and Seth Horowitz, Dennis Hlynsky, Pamela Susan Hawkins, Brian Murphy, Norberto Gomez, Jr., Tor Jorgen van Eyck, and the people who contributed to our

     Indiegogo startup funds campaign.




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