Rebecca Uliasz


Rebecca Uliasz conducts research in perception in time-based media, analog computation, networks, and artificial intelligence, which inspires an artistic practice that incorporates experimental system and instrument building, audio/visual electronic noise performance, multi-media installation, and interdisciplinary collaboration . She holds an MFA from SUNY Stony Brook University, where she focused on multi-media installation and performance with video transmission, and a BFA from the University of Connecticut. She has exhibited her work in a number of institutional and non-traditional venues such as- Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, SUNY Stony Brook University, The Center for Excellence in Wireless Information Technology (CEWIT), The Islip Art Museum, Marymount California University, POWRPLANT, Peripheral Forms Gallery, Gallery Protocol, The Wrong Biennial (2017,2015), and Brooklyn Bridge Park. She has performed at a number of festivals, galleries and venues including MIT, H0L0, Spectrum, NYC, Gaze Festival at Gallery Protocol, FL, CultureHub NYC, Babycastles, NYC, Radiator Gallery, NYC, and Shanghai Art Fair. She is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Computational Media, Arts, and Cultures at Duke University, where she is also a fellow in the John Hope Franklin Humanities Center PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge.

IG: @beccayou

Twitter : @_beccayou



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