Peer Bode was first exposed to electronics by his father Harald Bode, a developer of the first modular audio synthesizer. Recognizing the limits imposed by designers of industrial and consumer technology, Bode sought to externalize the “hidden coding and control structures” of the video signal. His videotapes investigate the semiotics and phenomenology of the medium, specifically through the synthesis of audio and video signals. Peer Bode is a nationally and internationally exhibiting artist with media works in museum collections worldwide. He is Professor of Video Arts at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA), and member of the “Carrier Band” with Pauline Oliveros, Andrew Deutsch and Steve Vitiello.




Rebekkah Palov b. USA 1969, has a background in cinema with art practice in music, video, digital-print and performance. Her screen and sound work has been exhibited internationally including exhibition at  Anthology Film Archives NYC, Mass MoCA Boston, The STONE NYC,  Chongqing Huangjueping Art Festival China, Oblo Film Festival Lausanne Switzerland,  AMODA - Austin TX , Harvestworks NYC , SoundFjord Gallery London UK, and Digital Art Weeks Zurich Switzerland . She has also participated in "Carrier Band"  performances and her on-screen performance credits include The Lollipop Generation, film by G.B. Jones and Catalog, film by Stephanie Barber. As well, Palov is a media arts curator / writer and researcher on the history electronic arts, in perticuliar the work of Harald Bode (b.1909).


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