Peter Chamberlain


Throughout four decades of teaching and working in the areas of expanded arts and intermedia, Peter Chamberlain has emphasized systemic structure: the structure of process, of production, of value systems, of composition, of the art world, etc. Content has mostly addressed unlikely juxtapositions between nature, culture, and technology.


He has taught Expanded and Electronic Arts at University of Hawaii since 1991 and prior to that taught Sculpture and Video at Elmira College in New York State since 1976. Chamberlain has exhibited and performed in Hawai’i, throughout the US, and internationally in the cities of Essen and Munich, Germany, Melbourne and Tasmania, Australia, Mexico City,

Mexico, Seoul, Korea, Panang, Malaysia, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. In Hawaii, he has produced activist music and spoken word with MOKAKI and has been exploring an intermedia combine of various modes of digital image manipulation and printing.


As a co-founder of the Lithopixel Refactory Collective he has produced interactive sound and video elements triggered

by the process of printmaking in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. Most recently Chamberlain has returned to experimenting with analog voltage-controlled sound

and video production and has resurrected the Aesthetic Surplus Kompany as an umbrella for his process-based intermedia adventures.

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