Naysa Andrade


Naysa Andrade is a Venezuelan visual artist living in Norway. She has specialized in creating light sculptures, working with different formats such as video, objects, iron and paper, installations and photography. She is working with popular expressions, alternating among the apparent and the imaginary. Her intention is to identify specific circumstances, forming a conductive thread between an existential view, bonds of affection, and our reaction to them.


She continues to explore and research art, science, and technology and merging both in her new interactive works.


Naysa’s work and installations have been exhibited Gallery arteriet, Norway; Arrivals, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway. Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norwa; Gallery art SIDOR, Venezuela; BABEL Trondheim, Norway; L’Espace Culturel la Chapelle, France, Red Gate Studios. Beijing, China. Embassy Venezuela in Beijing, China. Galleri Vals, Sweden; Pati Llimona, Spain; ONG (Organization Nelson Garrido), Venezuela; Agder kunstnersener, Norway.


instagram: @naysa.a

twitter: @naysa_andrade

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