Nancy Buchanan


Nancy Buchanan has used various media to bring social realities into view, while grounded in the observation of a lived history. An element of `serious play’ characterizes many of her performances, installations, videos and other static works.


After working in performance for several years, Buchanan found a new sort of performance stage with the adoption of portable video equipment, which has its own possibilities for visual language and hybrid forms. Her use of media evolved as new technologies were made accessible, including single channel works, miniature sculptures containing video, public installation work, and interactive computer-based projects. Her analog and digital videos for the TV screen, projection and the computer all question the reception of the audiovisual and how technology has shaped our consciousness. She taught in the School of Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) for 23 years.


(images: Top: Use Value, 2001; created with artist Carolyn Potter, this miniature garage is having a sale with 2 working tv monitors. One, a camera hidden inside the washing machine, displays the viewer as they peek into the space. Lower: Canon of Commerce, 2007, from the Generic Remix Project. Using copyright-free video and audio, this short piece examines "business" to the tune of Pachelbel's Canon.




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