Matt Baczewski


Matt Baczewski is an artist working across multiple media, primarily focused on text, sound and video. He is also interested in creating conceptual strategies which allow a body of work to transmediate, letting each translation reveal qualities of the previous medium and allow a  critical multi-medium study of a corpus. He holds an MFA from the Image Text Ithaca program at Ithaca College (Ithaca NY), and co-runs Naan cül Press. His work has been shown at RhizomeDC (Washington DC), Deli Gallery (Brooklyn NY), the Bundy Annex Theater (Binghamton NY), and the Allen Theater (Annville PA), with work featured in ‘Greenfield: The Archive’ (Meteoro Editions) and ‘The (Abridged) Magic Compendium’ (Oranbeg Press).

Twitter: @naancul



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