Matthew Gantt & Dave Mosier


Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City. His compositional practice focuses on the intersection of procedural systems and the idiosyncrasies of the technology that facilitate them, as well as the overlap in methodology between the production and consumption of networked cultural artifacts. Recent projects have included a suite of generative pieces for tape and synthesizer, an eight by eleven foot graphic score, and a series of VR environments containing procedural motion and spatial sound.


While living in New York, Gantt has performed or presented work at a range of venues, including Roulette, Issue Project Room, Silent Barn, the New Museum and the Stone, and internationally at the IRCAM Academy in Paris, France. He received an MM in composition from the CUNY Brooklyn Center for Computer Music, and currently works as a studio assistant to Morton Subotnick.


Dave Mosier is a video installation artist, performance artist,

filmmaker, and live projection artist. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest’s Yakima Valley as the grandson of a Bell Systems Telephone Pioneer, his childhood preoccupation with his grandfathers enormous shed and repair van transitioned to a fixation with broadcast television after seeing a rented VHS of the 1985 television movie Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future and subsequently touring a local TV studio with his Cub Scout den.


As an important part of his art practice for the last 15 years, Dave Mosier goes to lots of swap meets, thrift stores, yard sales and stops at ‘free piles’ along the road. First-hand scrounging for VHS titles, VCR’s, DVD players, RF Modulators and CRT TV’s has become something of a necessity and seems to be increasing at an exponential rate.


In order to legitimize this excessive hoarding and share it with

others, Mosier seeks to implement hypermediated TV wall installations in storefront shop windows that catch the passer-by off guard and immersed in a realm of 1980-1990’s technology and images. For these window installations sequenced edits derived from VHS source material as well as his original filmmaking and animation sequences are run through a variety of analog video processors and glitch boxes designed and built by Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth of Tachyons+ in Florida.


As his alter-ego live projection moniker, DaVideo Tape, Mosier

creates custom edits of both classic and obscure sci-fi and horror film that are run through racks of home-video enhancers, processors, colorizers and are mixed live at music and art events.


While at Signal Culture, Mosier is researching the worldwide

fascination with Archer/ Realistic brand video equipment produced for and found at Radio Shack in the 1980's, the history of these units, how they function, and how a worldwide community has developed around augmenting their interior circuitry. As part of this project Mosier is interested interviewing both circuit-benders and users of these units from around the globe about how their working process has changed since the discovery of this equipment.


Mosier lives in Portland, OR., where he is currently a resident video projectionist for the ambient/ electronic night ‘Accent/Sustain’ at Holocene, a local music club, and exhibits his TV wall installations at Vagrant Eye Projection Museum, where he is a resident video artist. Mosier also interviews queer artists in Portland, OR on his blog “Artist Spotlight” as part of Portland Q Center’s Queer Voices media space.

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