Maralie is a NYC based artist, vocalist, producer, and educator whose work finds heritage in a genealogy of spiritual and sensual expression via technology. Intermingling audio, video, sculpture, and performance she/they seduce poetics from human-machine interaction. A reaching for the unseen or celestial otherness is often evoked. As a vocalist Maralie’s background in church singing instilled the practice of marking life events with ceremonial song and ritual. Meditations on the Eternal and the temporal form her living pattern of dance. Her work as dancer/choreographer has been included in Nick Cave's Soundsuit KCAI Gala performance, Hana van der Kolk's 'The Third Thing', and more recently Drew McDowall's 'Rhizome' (directed by Sigrid Lauren).


Maralie performs and records collaboratively as Humanbeast abstracting through wet and softwares with artist and partner Eli V Manuscript and solo as VALISE. VALISE is a live multimedia performance project which speaks and dances with itself using real-time audio and video manipulation. Both Humanbeast and VALISE continue to actively perform in a variety of underground show spaces, forests, funerals, galleries, and museums.


Enriching her/their practice as an exhibiting artist Maralie currently works as a visiting assistant professor at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design.

IG @usermane2020


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