Luciano Rodriguez


Luciano Rodriguez Arredondo (Guadalajara, Mexico 1984 )

Multidisciplinary Artist and academic, his explorations are based on the representation of abstract concepts, theories related to complex systems, cybernetics and chaos. To materialise his ideas he uses several types of electronic media and supports. His works covers  abstract audiovisuals, live audiovisual perfomance, interactive installations , academic and electroacoustic music, virtual reality experiences, Render Art and 3D animation, it has  been presented in Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Chile and Ecuador among others.


He is co-founder and co-director of Cima studio a  transdisciplinary center that develops experimental projects oriented to live performance and interactive media. He is currently Head of department of the Bachelor of Multimedia, Digital art and interactive media of CAAV University in Guadalajara, as well as Profesor of Audio synthesis,Video synthesis and interactive systems.


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