Leslie Rollins


Leslie Rollins experiences the pace of contemporary society as overwhelmingly fast. In response, he creates sound and video art seeking to slow things down for the observer, while offering a protected space for them to rest within, if only for a few moments. He believes there are transformative, healing qualities in closer interactions with seemingly mundane things.


With deep roots in The Great Lake State of Michigan, much of Leslie’s video work plumbs the depths of water itself. He believes water offers a potent tonic to much of the discomfiture experienced in our lives.


Working with video, synthesized sound, and field recordings, Leslie combines elements from multiple sources to create works that tease out links between seemingly disparate worlds. Often these works simply celebrate an act of creation.


Leslie holds BAs in Art and English from Andrews University. In 2015 he was an artist in residence at Sachaqa Centro De ARTE, San Roque Peru. His visual works, and live electronic improvisational performances, have been featured across Peru, at The MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, and throughout the Midwest of America.






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