Kjell Bjørgeengen


Kjell Bjørgeengen, born 1951, started out as house photographer at the Henie Onstad Foundation, Høvikodden Art Center, around 1970. His early work in photography was based on imaging using chemicals and light directly on non exposed photographic paper. During the mid 70s  he left art to study at the University of Oslo with emphasis on Marx/Hegel and the logical structure of capital. In the beginning of the 80s he started his work in video in association with The Experimental Television Center, Owego, New York. Since then he has had a close working relationship with Dave Jones who made specific hardware and software for Kjells installations and live video performances.


Bjørgeengen looks upon his art as an investigation of a reality which need to be worked upon and changed in both artistic and political ways.


In addition to singe channel tape works in the 80s, he is known for a series of large scale video installations like “True Blanking” Kunstnernes Hus and the Ludwig Foundation, Aachen, “Sweet as the end of pain”, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, ”Relative to Zero”, The Hara Museum, Tokyo,  and site specific interventions in Bergen Art Museum and Kristiansand Kunsthall.


For the last 10 years has focused on audio generated live video performances. He has worked with musicians like Svein Finnerud Trio, Jon Balke, Joelle Leandre, Okkyung Lee, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Otomo Yoshihide, MIMEO, Evan Parker Electro Acoustic Ensemble, Aernoudt Jacobs, Streifenjunko, Mural, Lasse Marhaug, Marc Ribot, Toshimaru Nakamura, John Tilbury, and especially Keith Rowe.




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