Kim Alpert


Kim believes, first and foremost, in human-centric design and integrating technology with strategy in her time-based work. With a background in fine art, music, and carpentry Kim brings an attention to detail and diverse styles to both her art and commercial work. Kim’s art primarily focuses on humanism, media and change. Kim holds a degree in Digital Art & Design from Full Sail University and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013. As a curator, Kim has produced events from intimate gallery exhibitions to large festivals. She has displayed her original works at places like SOFA Expo, The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago and Facets Cinematheque. Most recently she created an interactive room to visualize and create sound as part of the permanent collection at the National Music Center in Canada. Kim currently runs her creative firm Make Amazing Inc. and is a resident artist at the Chicago Art Department. She is an outspoken advocate for social change through technology, meditation and bananas.

Instagram: @kimmerson

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