Karl Erickson


Karl Erickson is a visual artist focusing on the moving image with video and animated gifs. His subject matter includes science fiction, environmental issues, motivational language and temporal/spatial dislocations. His recent video project, "We Could Be Transcendent Apes," is a re-imagining of sci-fi B-movies as quests for enlightenment. A version of the multi-part work was shown at Field Projects Gallery in New York City, where Erickson was the 2015 Resident Artist. Recent exhibitions include "Monotonic Surfaces: An Account of the Arctic Regions” at Center for Strategic Art and Agriculture, “Giant Steps"  at King Street Station, Seattle, WA, and “A Study in Midwestern Appropriation” at the Hyde Park Art Center. Recent screenings include "Trouble Found Me," Blacklight Film and Video at Sediment Arts, Richmond, VA, "Video Thunder" in Muncie, IN and at Volta NY.


He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts and his BFA from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. He is an assistant professor of digital media at Ball State University.



Instagram: www.instagram.com/karlhugoerickson/





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