Juan José Castaño-Márquez


Juan José Castaño-Márquez is a Colombian-born artist based in the United States specializing in biomythography, photography, performance, video, and new media arts. Through art, he explores contemporary issues on historiography and archivization, as well as personal identity. Some of Juan's projects directly engage with ideas of representation of "the other"–this other being both brown and queer; historical erasure; and situations of victimization in his country of birth. His work has been displayed online as well as in universities, galleries, and alternative art spaces in London, Cambridge–ma, Medellín, Bogotá, Kansas City–mo, Lawrence–KS, and Gaitlinburg–TN. Juan received his Bachelors of Foreign Commerce from the Universidad Católica de Oriente in 2011 and his Associates of Photography from Academia Yurupary in 2015– and he recently earned his MFA in Visual Art with an emphasis in Expanded Media from the University of Kansas. Castaño-Márquez is currently Assistant Teaching Professor of Digital Media in the School of Art at Ball State University.



IG Handle: JdeCasta


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