Josh Rodenberg


I am a versatile artist not tied down to a single medium. In my practice, I find being an artist to be more like that of a researcher or scientist. I discover, interpret, and regurgitate information I deem interesting and relevant to my life experiences. During these processes I find the appropriate medium for that idea and use that inspiration to direct my hand. It is important to me to be open to possibilities so that the direction I place the audience in is only that and can be just the beginning of a path.


I have a foundation in sculptural woodworking installation and my current practice explores immersive sound and video installation. I went to the University of Southern Indiana, making sculptural furniture and on to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University investigating installation art.  I work full-time in the Kinetic Imaging department at VCUarts as equipment and facilities manager and teach all levels of sound and video courses. I enjoy time with my family, hiking in the outdoors, and quietness. I am an active artist and run a community meetup group called Synth Club RVA, dedicated to the process of making synthesized noises and videos.

Instagram: outoftunewolf


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