Joel Lavoie


Joël Lavoie is a composer, sound artist based in Montréal, Canada. Besides composition and sound design for theater and dance, he purses his career as sound engineer. Very sensitive to his environnement, his music allies the soundscapes that surrounds him to the unreasonableness of electronic and instrumental parasites. He grabs the organicity and spontaneous nature of natural sounds and match them to discordant and sometimes cold nature of artificial electronic sounds. The inspiration comes from numerous moments listening to his surroundings and being seduced by them. He captures them and gives them a new transformative life, otherworldly.


Joël has composed and performed for various projects in dance, video, theatre and poetry. His collaborators include: Marie Béland, Flamant, Cirque l’envers, La 2ieme porte à gauche, Audrey Rochette, Émile Pineault, Mykalle Bielinsky, Claudel Doucet, Ida Toninato and Sébastien b. Gagnon. He has had the opportunity to perform in Canada, France, UK and Mexico.



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