Ida Toninato


Montreal-based saxophonist, composer and improviser Ida Toninato has an ear for the unknown, exploring reverberant spaces with uncommon acoustics with which she develops artistic partnerships with a strong sense of bonding. After years of playing contemporary music and premiering around 50 new works, she has dived head first into pursuing a music after her own daring musical intuitions. Her debut full length record Strangeness is gratitude, released on Kohlenstoff Records in April 2016, planted her firmly in the underground experimental scene with an enthusiastic reception from critics, artists and a growing fanbase. A remix album is currently in the works with such collaborators as Nicolas Bernier and Valerio Tricoli, and she is increasingly sought after for her compositions, in dance or cinema contexts.


In addition to her solo compositions, Toninato writes and performs actively with laptop musician Ana Dall'Ara-Majek as Jane/KIN, creating performances that mix spatialisation and improvisation, and has just released her second album ‘The Space Between Us’ with viola/viola d'amore player Jennifer Thiessen this label on Ambiances Magnétiques.


Toninato has toured extensively through Europe and North America with projects like world-renown dance company La La La Human Steps and frequently shares the local Montreal stage with its great improvised music community.


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