David Sherman


David Sherman is a filmmaker, media artist, curator and educator whose work addresses the psychogeography of hidden “landscapes”, his work looks at how cultural histories are stored and evidenced in media materiality; it is an expanded cinema of essayistic forms, chance operation, image archives, collaged sound and  photochemical/electronic  manipulation.  Equally central to Sherman’s practice is  20+ years of creating public experimental media spaces: DIY microcinemas and public media interventions that materialize as new community collaborations.


Sherman’s works have been exhibited extensively at film festivals, museums and alternative venues throughout the world including: The Whitney Biennial, The New York Film Festival, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art , and Musée National d’Art Modern, Paris.


Sherman co-founded Total Mobile Home Microcinema in San Francisco in 1992 and Exploded View  Microcinema in Tucson in 2014. For twelve years Sherman was the Administrative Director of Canyon Cinema Filmmakers Cooperative  in San Francisco. Sherman has been on the the teaching faculty at the California College of the Arts and currently teaches video and computational arts in the School of Information at the University of Arizona.






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