Dave Mosier


Dave Mosier is a VR experience designer, video installation artist, live video projection artist, filmmaker and analog post production effects specialist from the Pacific Northwest. After seeing a rented VHS of the 1985 television movie Max Headroom and subsequently touring a local TV studio as a child, Mosier experienced a fixation with television.



“In my installation work, I seek to implement hypermediated TV wall installations in non-traditional art spaces containing re-edits derived from VHS source material, original filmmaking and animation sequences which have been run through a variety of customized analog video processors built by Tachyons+, digital processing using real-time video processing apps (http://www.signalculture.org/appclub.html) designed by Jason Bernagozzi, Eric Souther, and Max/Msp apps I have visually programmed myself.



In my artistic research I wish to look at the interplay between pattern and randomness within content generation and explore interfaces designed to integrate older analog video systems with creative coding (such as Max-MSP-Jitter @ https://cycling74.com/), 3D scanning using the Structure Sensor by Occipital (https://structure.io/),  VR/AR utilizing the Unity 3D game engine (https://unity3d.com/) and developing terrain of WebVR (https://aframe.io/).



Through utilizing an ethical framework for investigation from Cyborg Anthropology, Critical Theory, Cybernetics, and Command and Control Theory, I wish to investigate the discourse surrounding power dynamics between human and machine systems.



In working simultaneously with 3 different collaborative artist groups, Portland Immersive Media Group, RealVirtual_IKEA and #DigitalMasons, I have looked for new ways to implement developing open source technologies and collaborative workflows with others worldwide in order to both enhance the immersive experience for the user, the user accessibility of the content across multiple platforms, and the artistic creation experience for developers.




Through exploring the mediums of Cable Access Television, 3D scanning, Virtual Reality design, WebVR, Video Performance and Installation Art, I aim to help public viewers / users engage new media forms under the moniker ‘DaVideo Tape’.”








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