Constance Pennisi


Constance Pennisi earned her BFA in the School of Art and Design in the College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1977. Following her graduation she remained in Alfred, studying for five years under Miss Katherine Nelson, a former professor at the School of Art and Design. Intrigued with digital work she returned to the School of Art and Design in the College of Ceramics and received an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts in 2011.


She continues to teach in the Digital Media and Animation Department at Alfred State College as well as work in her studio at home.


Pennisi’s traditional work in pastels, charcoal, watercolor, graphite and mixed media merge and separate with digital tools resulting in drawings, paintings, prints, videos and sculptures. What holds true in her varied work is an investigation and exploration of the world that surrounds her, which allows a visual dance to continue as she studies space, stillness, movement, and sounds. Pennisi’s work has been in shows in the Southern Tier, internationally, and is in private collections in the states and abroad.

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