Colleen Keough


Colleen Keough is a lens & time-based media artist working in video, sound, performance, installation,mixed media, and hybrid art forms. Her work explores the intersection of pop culture, identity, myth and technology through narratives and anti-narratives which deconstruct traditional modes of storytelling and performance. While living in Boston, MA in the early 90's she began screening her video works in galleries and museums including the Institute for Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts. After completing her undergraduate studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, a move to Chicago, IL immersed her in its vibrant and eclectic music scene. Within a few years the five piece alternative-folk-rock band Rubies was born and she began writing, recording, and performing throughout the city. After more than a decade in the Midwest she returned to her Boston roots to forge a new creative path. During this transition she founded the experimental cabaret act Sugarfuhk, a collision of performance and musical styles which took audiences on a roller coaster ride of pop culture references, comedic interludes, and glam pop and rock songs. Her Sci-Fi opera “Ether and the Voice: an Electronic Media Opera” investigates archetypal embodiments of the female voice and the fragmentation of identity and language through electronic modes of communication and identification. A more recent work “iLook” explores personal media and technology as an extension of self and means of erotic voyeurism and psycho-feedback. Her works have been included in international exhibitions and festivals including the Galway Arts Festival Galway Ireland, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Prague, Czech Republic, Yan Gerber International Arts Festival Weichang County, China, Athens International Film and Video Festival Athens, OH, Loop Video Art Festival, Barcelona, Spain, Cite' Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, Event Works Film and Video Festival, Boston, MA and the E-Poetry Festival London/ Kingston Upon the Thames, UK. She earned an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from NYSCC Alfred University. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor Trans-Disciplinary Art in the School of Art + Design at Ohio University in Athens, OH.


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