Brett Balough


Brett is a Chicago-based artist making sculptural, aural and cartographic explorations of the electromagnetic landscape. At a time when we increasingly rely on wireless technologies, Brett draws attention to the personal, private and political aspects of our wireless world. He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he teaches courses in digital fabrication, robotics, physics, sound and electronics. Brett is a free103point9 transmission artist and has exhibited and performed at P.S.1 (NY), Diapason (NY), Devotion Gallery (NY); The MCA (Chicago) and The Hyde Park Arts Center (Chicago) among others.


"In my current practice, I seek to map the intangible landscapes created or used by communications technologies. Our increasing reliance on electronic communications has produced liminal spaces that range in scale from the global to the hyper local. This Hertzian space is not defined in terms of surveyed boundaries or the built environment but by field strengths, service areas and media markets. In a world of wireless communication, where does the self end and the other begin? What are the politics of a space that is not directly perceivable or delimited by the human sensorium? My practice seeks answers to these questions through the mediums of print, sound, performance and installation."



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