Signal Culture App Bundle

Get the Signal Culture app bundle for Mac OSX  and Windows 10 for $15 less than the cost of individual donations!


Apps included in the bundle are:

  • Frame Buffer: Infinitely repeat frames within keyed areas using realtime video processing
  • Maelstrom: Combine realtime keying and pixel sorting within digital feedback processing
  • SSSScan: Realtime buffered slitscan using preset and custom gradients for warping and stretching video
  • Re:Trace: Map and redraw realtime video onto new geometries in three dimensional space
  • V-Mass: Map video to 3D models and morph in realtime
  • Interstream: Realtime Datamoshing engine for live and pre-recorded sources


Apps that are not in the bundle are:

  • SC Video Mixer: Realtime crossfade, keyer and compositing mixer for Syphon enabled apps
  • Signals: Control voltage style parameter mapping and interaction using MIDI and OSC
  • Blackmagic Design Utility (Free): Free utility to incorporate BlackMagic Design I/O devices with the Signal Culture apps using the Syphon/Spout Protocol.


Want to see what the apps do? Check out the tutorial videos on the app pages linked above!

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