Amy Karle


Amy Karle is a transmedia artist who works across a variety of mediums engaging questions about what it means to be human. She makes work on, around or about the body. Her artistic practice expresses ephemeral internal experiences in visual forms.


She creates devices, interactive installations and performances connecting physiology and consciousness with technology to output artwork. Her works input biofeedback and emotional sensations to create direct visualizations of the human experience so that we may study the mind-body connection and the nature of consciousness, and even learn to reprogram it.


Amy Karle attended Alfred University and Cornell University, where she received degrees in Art and Design and Philosophy. She has worked as a professional artist for 18 years and has shown work since 1997, participated in 46 international exhibitions and created large-scale artworks. She has created both static artworks, time-based artworks, new media artworks, interactive installations and performances using the human body. Her catalog of work demonstrates fluidity between different mediums while maintaining a consistent conceptual throughline of exploring and revealing universal human experiences.


 Amy Karle’s mission is to raise consciousness and positively impact others with her work. She is co-founder of Conceptual Art Technologies and she currently works as a full-time Artist and entrepreneur out of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, expressing spiritual experiences in visual forms and designing technologies and artwork to improve the human condition.



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