Eric Theise


Eric Theise is a San Francisco-based software developer and artist. As a web developer he specializes in digital cartography and spatial data analysis. His 16mm films have screened at dozens of venues across North America and, in 2018, his digital video work was recognized with a BAVC Preservation Access Program award. His still photography makes selective use of pre-20th century technologies, and he performs with the Long Tone and the Cornelius Cardew Choirs.


During his Toolmaker Residency, Theise will be developing open source software libraries for real time manipulation of cartographic styles and data acquisition. In this he’ll be guided by strategies that occupied experimental animators and flicker filmmakers of the 1970s and 80s: the teasing out of afterimages, the exploitation of just-noticeable color differences, puncturing the illusion of three dimensional spaces, and making visible the mechanisms of production.

Twitter: @erictheise

Instagram: @erictheise



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